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Last Day for $12 Patterns! - Sale and Trade of Handspun yarn

About Last Day for $12 Patterns!

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(Terraform Hat seamed at the back for a nice pointed top.)
oday is the last day to buy the hat patterns at a discounted price on Midnightsky Fibers. The hat patterns are yummy and delightful...but being rewritten! You will get the current copies of the patterns now, and the spiffy verion in a little bit once they are...well. Spiffy. But only available for a few more hours! Patterns available here.

Hats are designed to be used with a bulky or super bulky weight handspun yarn.
They knit up quickly, great for last minute gifts!


The Rocket Hat


The Rations Hat...Super basic, just on giant needles and in the round.



And my other favorite hat...

The Cloche Hat has sweet simple detailing (but is still easy to knit)

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