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Sale and Trade of Handspun yarn

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Fall Handspun Yarn Sale - 35% off Sep. 1st, 2008 @ 10:53 pm
I'm having a huge sale on all handspun yarn on my website, 35% off!!!!
From Sept 1-15th, treat yourself to a bushel of funky art yarns at low low prices and add some ZING to your next project!
Grandmothers Quilt Handspun Yarn
Grandmothers Quilt Art Yarn
List Price: $56.00
Sale Price: $36.40
 It's harvest time and the perfect time to add some zest to your yarn stash. We have loads of yummy yarns waiting to be whipped up into some tasty fiber confections.  And with an unbelievably low prices, you can easily knit/crochet/felt an amazing one of a kind item for much less than store prices! 
Hand spun from fibers such as Merino, Silk, Bamboo and humane wool are spiced up with recycled/upcycled fibers & fabrics, beads, charms, buttons, flowers and sometimes even doll parts to create these yarns. Colors and themes run the gamut from demure to WOW to WHOA!  You will make a definite style statement adding a Saints & Sinners® yarn to your fiber project.

New Listings on Ravelry! Jul. 23rd, 2008 @ 12:28 pm

I've listed lots of new yarns for sale on my Ravelry page! Username: yarnpunk
If you are not a member of Ravelry, you can contact me here on LJ for more information.

Super Clearance Sale Mar. 13th, 2008 @ 03:07 pm

Super clearance sale at Midnightsky Fibers! We are moving + clearing out yarns and fibers!

We are now just waiting for the temporary occupancy permit for my building and unit (any day now), and I still have yarn left! I have been listing a variety of yarns, fibers, grab bags, and other exciting lots of yarn on my site.

Look for other craft supplies soon too as I continue sorting, as I am trying to condense my collection of crafty stuff somewhat to items I will be using soon, not just "someday". Much easier said than done.

At any rate, the sets of yarns and fibers are loosely divided up by types- bulky 2 plys, singles, dk weight lots, batts, roving, handpainted yarns, etc.

New yarns at Studioloo.com Jan. 10th, 2008 @ 09:23 pm
New yarns at http://www.studioloo.com/yarns.htm

Midnightsky Fibers turns 2! Jan. 8th, 2008 @ 04:31 pm

Midnightsky Fibers
just turned 2! It's been a crazy two years, and we are glad to have had so many great customers and wholesalers along for the ride!

Help us celebrate by checking out the sales going on at Midnightsky Fibers. Up to 30% off yarns, fibers and Kits.

Excludes monthly clubs and wholesale orders. Just go to Midnightsky Fibers to see the sale prices, no code necessary! Sale ends January 15, 2008.

Remember to choose the recycling option (and get a $2 code for your next order), and agree to recycle the shipping products your items come in.
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» New yarn at Lelah Yarns

Jan 07 08 yarn 01
Originally uploaded by LelahOlender.
Lelah Yarns available only on Etsy!
» new yarns
happy holidays!!

Yarns for sale are behind the cut.


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» 10% off at Midnightsky Fibers
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The indigo dye vats have been busy at Midnightsky Fibers, and we have a variety of new handspun yarns in mohair, coils, and soysilk to reflect the many different shades that indigo can give us.

Using the code “November2007” will give you 10% off any order over $10 (excluding wholesale orders) until December first. Haven’t stocked up on your Holiday gifts yet? Now is the time to order to ensure that gifts can arrive before the Holidays.

Sneak Peaks- You can check out the sneak peaks for this months sock yarn on the blog at http://blog.midnightskyfibers.com
» (No Subject)
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Monthly Clubs at Midnightsky Fibers

November 20th is the last day to sign up for the monthly clubs at Midnightsky Fibers for November! We offer three monthly clubs at this time:

-A sock club, delivered fresh to you each month. Each month is enough for a pair of socks (400 yards), and naturally dyed.

-Fiber Club- roving, batts, locks, and more! Also naturally dyed, the emphasis is on roving and batts that are easy to spin and felt with occasional other fun other fibers thrown in. Use for felting, spinning, thrums for mittens or slippers, and more!

-Handspun yarn club- Each month you receive a new skein of handspun, naturally dyed yarn from Midnightsky Fibers.

For the upcoming holiday season, don’t forget our kits and sock yarns, both of which make great gifts (even to yourself!) for fellow knitters, spinners, crocheters, weavers, felters, and many more.
» Handspun yarn update at Midnightsky Fibers
New yarns at Midnightsky Fibers!

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We’ve been busy atMidnightsky Fibers, and still have a pile higher than the cat of handspun yarn alone to add- we won’t even discuss the sock yarn pile! Midnightsky Fibers (http://midnightskyfibers.com) has been updated with all sorts of new and exciting handspun yarns. Notable yarns include:

“Almost vegan” A soysilk dyed with cochineal, an insect based natural dye.
“Cream”, a natural super bulky 2 ply handspun from local sheep in B.C. Available in a variety of yardages, there are quite a few skeins of this yarn.
“Pulsating Heart”, a cochineal dyed bulky yarn with lots of yardage- 252 yards to be exact!

Check out more of the handspun yarns at Midnightsky Fibers
More sock yarns and LOTS of sock yarn will be added over the next week!
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